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Hip Replacement Medical Malpractice – Do You Have a Case?

During hip replacement surgeries, doctors insert metal, plastic or ceramic devices in place of damaged bone. People contemplating one of these frequently performed procedures anticipate the pain relief and increased mobility the surgery promises to bring. Unfortunately, not all surgeries are successful.

Defective hip implant devices can lead to failed hip replacement surgery, which can impact nearly every aspect of a patient’s life.  If this has happened to you, you have a legal right to seek compensation from the manufacturer for some or all of the following:

  • The pain and suffering caused by a failed surgery can be even greater than the patient experienced prior to receiving the implant and may cause further injury, including joint fracture, nerve damage or a change in leg length.  These complications can limit the ability to walk unassisted, drive, perform daily tasks or participate in previous activities.
  • A defective hip implant can result limit or prevent the ability to work, resulting in lost wages.
  • Mental anguish and damaged relationships with family members forced to act as caregivers through extended illness may be associated with a failed hip replacement.
  •  A mountain of medical bills may result from extensive further medical treatment. This may include professional caregiving services, medication, hospital visits, diagnostic tests and even one or more corrective surgeries.

Since every case is unique, it is important to talk to an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction to determine the best course of action in your situation.  A review of your medical records and films will be required.

Keep in mind that just because a procedure did not produce flawless results does not mean that medical malpractice has occurred. Other options to malpractice litigation include:

  • A manufacturer’s device recall may cover medical expenses though it is unlikely to provide compensation for lost wages or damages suffered as a result of the failed surgery.
  • There is sometimes power in numbers by joining a class-action suit, but you will likely have less control over the case.
  • A settlement may provide enough compensation to avoid a full trial.

Only an experienced attorney can provide guidance as to whether any of these options may be right for you.  Signing an agreement prior to a legal consultation may limit or forfeit your right to file a future suit, as can waiting too long.  Jackel & Phillips has a long-established history and proven track record of success.  Contact us for a free case evaluation: 770.218.8100

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Our family's experience with this firm has been phenomenal. From the very first meeting until our case was settled, we felt like we were in good hands. Both Chris Phillips and Dana Jackel were thorough in building our case and displayed great professionalism and negotiating skills. We felt they acted in our best interests and were able to successfully guide us through this process. We highly recommend them!

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From the first time I spoke with Dana and Chris (which was back in 2011) all the way up to our settlement today, they have been tenacious and considerate, even when I was admittedly not the ideal client. I hired Jackel and Phillips to represent my 5 year old son who was seriously injured in a horrible accident. These attorneys were very persistent and organized! They refused to accept the "run around" from ANYONE, especially the insurance company! I trust them 0. They informed me about EVERYTHING, even if I did not ask. Both Dana and Chris were very easy to contact. On the rare occasion that I had to leave a message, they would return my call the same day. As far as the case goes, I am more than pleased. They got my son WAY more than I ever thought possible and structured the settlement for maximum returns in the future. They handled everything with genuine care and concern. The whole team at Jackel and Phillips is absolutely THE BEST there is!!!...

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was very seriously injured in a car wreck resulting in multiple medical procedures. I hired JACKEL & PHILLIPS after researching the firm and meeting their "team" to discuss my case. Both Dana and Chris are excellent attorneys who really know the law and how to manage a lawsuit. They aggressively pursued my case, kept me informed along the way and obtained a fantastic settlement, despite the insurance company fighting who was responsible for the wreck! I would highly recommend these attorneys for your personal injury case!

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Chris Phillips is helping me with a wrongful death suit and he is knowledgeable, professional, articulate and contacts me with updates on a regular basis. The entire office is professional, friendly and very accommodating! My experience has been outstanding thus far!


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I went to see these lawyers after my first lawyer sat on my case for months. They got me in right away, and started working on my case immediately. They kept in contact with and informed me of everything they were doing on my behalf. I can't say enough good things about them. My case eventially settled and I am very happy with the outcome!

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This firm handled my case with great professionalism. I was kept informed every step of the way and could speak with my attorney whenever I had a question. The entire office is always friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney.