An ally in your case: The importance of Legal Nurse Consultants

In any medical malpractice case, a strong team is of utmost importance, and you, the client, are the most important member. You want to feel heard, educated, and, most importantly, supported. In a medical malpractice case, your attorney is your legal expert; the person to help you navigate the legal side of the case. Another pertinent member of your team is a legal nurse consultant. He or she bridges the gap between the legal and medical worlds. Your nurse consultant will work as a guide in your medical malpractice case to ensure there is a strong voice from the medical field supporting your case. At Christopher L. Phillips Law Group, we are pleased to have on staff an experienced and well respected legal nurse consultant.

Legal nurse consultants bring a variety of skills to a medical malpractice case. They are specifically educated in medical issues and many have experience as nurses or in the medical field. Because of their diverse knowledge, legal nurse consultants work behind the scenes to meticulously summarize and analyze medical records and reports, consult on all aspects of a case (including jury selection and litigation), and advocate for safe and ethical nursing. Their vast area of knowledge makes them an imperative member of a legal team and a reliable ally who will ensure your medical malpractice case runs smoothly.

Since the role of the legal nurse consultant is more medical in nature, their greatest contribution to a medical malpractice case is, perhaps, the development of expert testimony to support theories to assist your case. Their medical knowledge also aids in their role as principal liaison with expert witnesses. Healthcare providers often relate better to other health care providers, and a skilled nurse consultant can assuage any issues with medical healthcare professionals and, most importantly, break down barriers and build a strong rapport between the legal team and the healthcare providers. Having cohesiveness in dialogue between all parties is paramount to the success of a case.

Legal nurse consultants provide a specific and necessary perspective to a medical malpractice case. This perspective makes them a valuable member of a legal team and an advocate for you, the client. Knowing that a nurse consultant can speak on your behalf when dealing with healthcare providers should not only help you feel more confident in your case, but should also put to rest any of your concerns, fears, or stresses. With your nurse consultant and lawyer by your side, you will know your case will be in great hands.

Many Plaintiffs’ lawyers do not have a legal nurse consultant on staff.  When choosing your lawyer, choose a lawyer who has such a valuable asset.

At Christopher L. Phillips Law Group, we have the experience, knowledge and compassion you need for the results you deserve