Motorcycle Accidents In Marietta

Motorcycle Accidents

It goes without saying, but motorcyclists are the most vulnerable drivers on the roads today. Without the body of a vehicle to absorb the tremendous forces of impact involved in a vehicle collision, injuries sustained by a motorcyclist are often severe, if not deadly. Understandably, there are many challenges and dangers that motorcyclists face on our roads. In fact, statistically speaking, motorcyclists are some 27 times more likely than car occupants to suffer life ending injuries and over five times as likely to be seriously injured.

As attorneys with years of litigating automobile and motorcycle wreck cases, we have seen a host of reasons why motorcycle accidents happen, some of which are summarized as follows:

  • UNSAFE SPEEDS: Speed is unfortunately a major factor in a high percentage of all vehicle wrecks, but it is especially critical in motorcycle collisions. All too often, speed strips away a driver’s ability to recognize distance and understanding of road conditions leading to a critical decrease in reaction time.  Moreover, the faster the speed the more devastating the consequence.
  • IMPROPERLY MAINTAINED ROADS: Potholes, cracked and crumbling pavement, road debris and lack of proper road signage and signalization are all leading contributors to motorcycle wrecks. It takes only a few minutes to properly repair and patch a road, but a few shortcuts can literally launch a motorcyclist like a rocket.
  • ALCOHOL/ILLICIT DRUGS: Any driver should fully know and understand that the mix of driving and alcohol/drugs can lead to deadly consequences. Driving under the influence is a criminal offense for which the State of Georgia can seek jail time, but it also may provide the basis to seek “punitive” damages in a civil “collision” case.
  • IMPROPER/UNSAFE LANE CHANGE: When a driver carelessly fails to check his or her blind spot when changing lanes, the results can be devastating.   Motorcyclist must always keep “their head on a swivel” for this constant threat on the roadways.
  • SWINGING CAR DOORS: We rarely first check our surroundings when exiting our vehicles. However, when parked on a city street, an inattentive door opening can literally send a motorcyclist crashing.
  • ABRUPT STOPS: Motorcycles are often overlooked on the roads and an inattentive driver following a motorcycle too closely from behind who is then involved in an abrupt stop can easily result in serious injury or death to a motorcyclist.
  • WRONGFUL LEFT TURNS: Drivers making a left turn can often make a right of way mistake or simply misjudge oncoming traffic distance which can be a common cause of injury and death to motorcycle riders.
  • DEFECTS WITH REPAIRS OR MOTORCYCLE MANUFACTURING: A simple improperly fastened bolt or poorly designed motorcycle part may very well be the culprit behind motorcycle injury or death.

As one can imagine, the impact of a car collision upon a motorcyclist can be shattering and injuries can range from traumatic brain injury (which is a type of acquired brain injury that occurs when the brain is suddenly jolted and traumatized), to internal injuries, to road rash (a/k/a road burn), to broken bones and spinal cord injuries. A brain injury, in particular, can often impact cognitive and/or physical abilities. Some brain injuries may improve with time and treatments, but most will adversely influence the individual for the rest of his or her life. Just as importantly, the spinal cord is the central component to one’s entire nervous system and, when injured, the results can be catastrophic (including permanent or partial paralysis). Finally, when the body is hit with enough force that bones are broken or bleeding occurs, the internal organs of the body may be damaged or punctured.  As a result, internal bleeding can occur in many different areas of the body (organs, tissues, head, chest, etc.), which can be extremely painful and dangerous.

How An Accident Attorney Can Help You

Motorcycle wrecks accidents are not always preventable in Georgia. When one occurs, seeking representation from an experienced attorney who has your best interests at heart can be the key to recovering your full compensation amount. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, the attorneys at Christopher L. Phillips Law Group can help you to understand what you need to do next.  Moreover, you will never be asked to pay up front, and will not owe us a dime in attorney’s fees unless your case is successful because we work on a contingency fee basis. To learn more, please call our offices today or contact us online.

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